Pocket Door

100% Manufactured by RAJACK.... right here in New York

The Harmon Hinge is a unique application that allows a door to swing clear of an opening and fold back into a recessed wall pocket. The door surface in the open position rests flush along side adjacent walls. No part of the hinge projects past the face of the door for a smooth, clean look.


RAJACK is the original manufacturer of the Pocket Door Harmon Hinge. Scroll down for further illustrations and charts that will provide valuable information on selecting the RAJACK Harmon Hinge. This product is available in all RAJACK finishes, powder coating or matching your provided sample. If custom sizes are needed please call to discuss after reviewing this page.

A more detailed cut sheet of the RAJACK Harmon Hinge is provided at time of order. Below is a link to a standard informational tear sheet. FYI, Harmon Hinge is not a brand it is a style of hinge and RAJACK is the original manufacturer of the Pocket Door Harmon Hinge.

We also make the Harmon Hinge with a slight modification that hides the mortise arms on the jamb.The RAJACK Concealed Harmon Hinge option. 

Please review these photos below. We sourced the best photos from social media that illustrates the look a Harmon Hinge can create. A clean beautiful flat flush look.



RJ726 Angle Edge Pull

4"L x 2"W

1/8th thk Material

US15 Satin Nickel

Example Call Out Specification:


RAJACK Pocket Door Harmon Hinge

Oil Rub Bronze Finish

*Door Size 7-0 x 3-6 x 1-3/4"Thk

(approx weight 220 lbs)

3 HH Per Door


Detailed technical cut sheets for this product are available upon request.

Door Thickness


  • 1-1/4

  • 1-3/8

  • 1-1/2

  • 1-3/4

  • 2-00

  • 2-1/4

  • 2-1/2

  • 2-3/4

  • 3-00

Custom Door Sizes Available

Call or Email to discuss.

How many Harmon Hinges do I need per door?

Call or Email RAJACK and include the following information:

  • Door Height

  • Door Width

  • Door Thickness

  • Approx Weight if available.

 Quick Facts about this product:

  • Hinges are available in standard and custom door sizes (door thickness).

  • Available in all finishes.

  • Available with positive stops in open and close positions.

  • Concealed Harmon Hinge option available. Scroll down for more information. 

Please review the video illustration and illustration photos below to get a much better understanding of how a Harmon Hinge door swings.

Harmon Hinge shown with door open and recessed flush into pocket. Face of hinge knuckle exposed which is flush with door/millwork.


Harmon Hinge shown open at 45 deg. You must allow spacing behind Harmon Hinge for moving hinge knuckle to clear millwork.


Harmon Hinge shown open at 45 deg. Green area is the radius measurment of the Harmon Hinge. This measurment will be needed to help calculate space needed for swing knuckle to open free and clear behind millwork.


Harmon Hinge shown closed at 90 deg outside pocket.  When door is closed recessed pocket and Harmon Hinge jamb mounted face exposed.


RAJACK Concealed Harmon Hinge


The RAJACK Concealed Harmon Hinge is essentially the same as the RAJACK Harmon Hinge but the mortise arms of the hinge are setback. This allows for custom panels to be placed over the mortised arm concealing the mounting screws or for the mortise arm to be placed behind the millwork.