RJ234 Garment Rod & Hook


All of the Garment Rod styles offered are built strong and solid. These items can be uniquely designed to meet most reasonable requests. Usually with no additional cost or lead time. Available in all RAJACK FINISHES or matching your existing sample finishes. Perfect for closets, laundry rooms, dressing areas etc. Please review some of the options below.

If you have any design ideas you would like to discuss about this or any of our products please give us a call or email. 

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RJ234 Garment Rod

2" Dia Rose w/ Ball Tip

US14 Polish Nickel





Quick Facts about this product:

  • The length on most of the garment rod and garment hook styles can be manufactured shorter.

  • 1-1/4" is the smallest diameter (see photo A) rose that can be made while maintaining hidden screws. 2-00" diameter is standard. (see photo C)

  • 1-00" diameter is the smallest rose possible but screws are exposed. Screws are small and minimal. (see photo B)

  • 5/8" diameter is the size of the bore needed for installing sub rose.

  • In addition to the disk tip or ball tip option. We can install any proportional tip you provide that is already tapped for 8-32 thread. You provide the tip and we will review to see if it is possible.

  • All Garment Rod styles are available in all finishes and powder coating.

  • 90lbs of hold when properly anchored

RJ234P Low Profile Garment Rod

Quick Facts about this product:

  • 7-1/4"OA Length / can be manufactured smaller

  • 1/2" Dia Main Bar

  • Back Plate 2"H x 3/4"W x 1/8" Thk

  • 3/4" Dia x 1/4"thk Disk Tip

  • 75lbs hold capacity

  • 2 Slotted Screws Shown

  • Retractable

RJ234H Garment-Display Hook

Quick Facts about this product:

  • 5"OA Length

  • 1/2" Dia Main Bar

  • 1" Round x 3/8th Thk Disk Tip.

  • 65 lbs hold capacity when anchored properly.

  • Used for  Garments and Handbags.

  • No Show screws

  • Stationary

  • Decorative Cap Option: Hanging Rod can be unscrewed and replaced with a matching decorative cap when not in use. The decorative cap option is used in many high end retail handbag and clothing boutiques. 

RJ234G Shower Door Hook

Quick Facts about this product:

  • 3-9/16"OA Length / can be manufactured smaller

  • 1/2" Dia Main Bar

  • 1" Round x 3/8th Thk Disk.

  • 65lbs hold capacity

  • No Screws

  • Stationary