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Ask us we can help. 

We would be happy to help you determine the correct offset pivot hinge style, material size, projection and finish for your project. We can review drawings or talk ideas over the phone/email. We look forward to working with you.

Not Custom. Made to Order.

All pivot portion shapes can be manufactured in various material sizes to suit most door conditions. From full size doors to small cabinet doors we can make a hinge that is perfect for your project. We stock a large amount of raw materials to stay nimble enough to meet specific size requests. 

Quick Turn Around Option

Yes we stock some hinge sizes that can be turned around with a shorter lead time. Availability of hinge sizes changes daily. Give us a call or email to see what is available to ship asap. We also offer expedited manufacturing & plating if you need the option. Expedite times vary. Call or Email.

Lead Times for your Project

Production lead times can fluctuate with the time of the year. We can lock you into a set production cycle once we have an idea of when the project will begin. Please call or email us to discuss. Generally to give you a lead time we would need to know minimum information. Qty of doors, finish for the hinges, door info and approx time frame for project start. 

What Finishes are available? 

RAJACK Offset Pivot Hinges are available in all standard and custom metal finishes. We can match your sample finish and we offer powder coating. 


Please see our Finish Section for more information.

What pivots should I use?

How you plan on installing the hinges should be the preliminary factor in determining the style of pivot hinge that will be used for your project. We breakdown RAJACK Offset Pivot Hinges into three install categories.





After you have read through this page please review these sections (see links directly below) to help assist you in selecting the correct RAJACK Offset Pivot Hinge:

You will always need minimally (4) pivot portions to hang one door. In some cases you may need an intermediate hinge(s) which will add to  the amount of pivot portions per door. See further down on this page for Intermediate Hinge information.​

  • (01) "T" Top Header Portion

  • (01) "D" Door Portion (Top of Door)

  • (01) "D" Door Portion (Bottom of Door)

  • (01) "B" Bottom / Base Portion  

Example Description

T5 x (2)D4 x B3

for 1-3/4" Thick Door

7-0 H x 3-0 W

(1) Door LHR

"?" Offset Pivot  Hinge Projection and Offset

RAJACK can manufacture just about any projection requested (within reason). In most cases we give you the projection and offset based on your door information and factors around the install. If you prefer you can specify the projection you would like. If adjustments need to be made to your request we will advise. 

Door info RAJACK needs from you.

Door information we need to know in order to help specify the correct material size and projection for your hinge:


  • Door Thickness

  • Door Height

  • Door Width

  • Door Handing

  • Door Weight (Approx)

  • Door Undercut (spacing from floor to bottom of door)

  • Is your door set back from the opening?

  • Does the door have to project around anything on the adjacent flush wall?

  • Does your door have any additional panels , cladding , mirrors, baseboard or anything else that may increase the overall thickness of your core door at any point?
    For example: 1-3/4" Thick Doors + 1/4" Mirror

When do I need an Intermediate Hinge? 

Side Jamb Intermediate

Rear Jamb Intermediate

Example Nomenclature

B2i x D3i

Example Nomenclature

B3i x D4i

Any door 8ft or higher should have a consideration for Intermediate Hinges as part of the Offset Pivot Hinge Configuration. The primary reason for Intermediate Hinges is to keep a door from bowing. Consult with your door manufacturer and/or woodworker about the materials/composites used to construct your door. Some door companies have warranty restrictions and may require you to use an intermediate hinge.​

These are some additional thinking points we consider in determining if an Intermediate Hinge should be added to your configuration.  

  • Is the door a high usage door or critical use door and you just want the added peace of mind.

  • Even though my door falls within the height and weight requirements, the door is on the larger side. I have concern. Add the intermediate hinge. 

  • Could something be added to the door in the future. ie shoe rack, coat or clothing hooks, mirror, cladding, artwork etc etc.

  • The door is much wider than normal

I need something I do not see

  • We make all type of special request offset pivot and center hung pivot hinges. If you need something that just does not fit anything you have reviewed. No problem call or email over a sketch and we will review.

General offset pivot hinge notes

  • Remember all doors and jambs must be straight and plumb. Doors should be free of any bowing traits.

  • All pivot points (TOP/BOTTOM/MIDDLE) must be in alignment. Failure to do so will cause an uneven friction on the door and hinge which may cause the door to fail or bind over time.

  • RAJACK Offset Pivot Hinges are NOT FIRE RATED.

  • RAJACK Offset Pivot Hinges are made for interior use. We can accommodate  some limited exterior exposure  if we are notified in advance of manufacturing (we use nylon bearings and washers ) . We will always assume the hinges will be used for interior use unless otherwise noted.


Side Jamb

At top (1) "T" portion should be selected for jamb/header and (1) "D" portion should be selected for top of door. 


Example Shown:

T5 x D4 Side Jamb

Side Jamb

At bottom of door (1) "D" portion should be selected for bottom of door and (1) "B" portion for bottom jamb/base. In most cases mortise at bottom of door can be adjusted to accommodate your door undercut.


Example Shown:

B3 x D4 Side Jamb


Middle Intermediate

Side Jamb

If conditions call for an intermediate hinge(s). You can choose from Rear Jamb setup or Side Jamb setup.


Example Shown:

B3i x D4i Side Jamb

Bottom OF DOOR

Bottom of Door < Red Hot Important

Please put some extra time in determining how you would like the bottom of your door to look. This is the most important part of the offset pivot hinge setup.


Will your pivot hinge bottom portion sit flush with the floor? or will it be surface mounted?


What will be the size of the undercut (space between floor and bottom of door) of my door?

Review all of our bottom / base options for yourself. Remember we can make adjustments to any of the pivot hinge parts to accommodate spacing at top and bottom of the door.


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