RJ630 Ring Pull


Solid, Heavy and Minimal


The RJ630 Ring Pull is a beautiful addition to any project. This pull can scale from cabinet doors up to full size doors. Back to Back option available, scroll down for more information or call to discuss.

Available in all RAJACK FINISHES or matching your existing sample finishes.

If you have a design idea you would like to discuss about this product or any of our other products, please call and/or email.

Please call 631-293-8273 or email info@rajack.com for pricing, lead time or any additional information.


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RJ630 Ring Pull: 3" OA Dia

US15 Satin Nickel


Quick Facts about this product:

  • Standard Sizes:
    3-00" OA Dia Front Face / Bore 2-3/4" dia
    2-1/2" OA Dia Front Face / Bore 2-1/8" dia

  • Back to Back Mounting Available
    (scroll down further)

  • Manufactured for Cabinet Doors,
    Drawers and Door Pulls

  • No minimum quantities.

  • Solid Brass.

  • Available in all finishes

RJ630 Standard Install

Although the install for the RJ630 is pretty straight forward. We recognize it is a little unconventional so we  put together  a few quick steps to help with your install. Please feel free to give us a call if you need additional assitance. It will be helpful to have this page open when you call.

RAJACK RJ630 3.1
On the back side of the pull remove the upper ring hold screws. Remove the upper ring from the pull.
RAJACK RJ630 3.2
On the face of the pull you will see the two upper ring screw holes and the two machine screw holes.
RAJACK RJ630 3.3
Your machine screw holes can be used to mark your drill location when pull is set in mortise bore.
RAJACK RJ630 3.4
First screw back in the upper ring portion with the two small screws. Then fasten pull into drawer/door with machine screws through drilled holes.
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RJ630 Back to Back - Option #1


This BACK to BACK option is for doors 1-3/8" thick or greater. Support arms run through the thickness of your door from one pull and directly connect to the pull on the opposite side of the door. Keep in mind one pull will have exposed screws on the face of the pull. The exposed screws will be finished, flush and neat. For doors thinner then 1-3/8" scroll down further.

RAJACK RJ630 4.1
Two support legs are brazed onto back of one of the two pulls. Both legs are threaded to receive screws.
RAJACK RJ630 4.2
The length of support legs determined by door thickness and depth of each pull.
RAJACK RJ630 4.3
Front of pull will have no screws exposed and back of pull shows two exposed screws.
RAJACK RJ630 4.4
The back to back RJ630 creates a uniform neat look. Perfect for any style of design.
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RJ630 Back to Back - Option #2

This BACK to BACK option is for doors 1" thick to  1-3/4" thick. Front face mounted #2 screws are neatly tucked under the drop ring of the pull (see 5.1). When the drop ring is in the down position the screws are not seen see (5.2). The provided #2 x 1/2"L screws provided will need 3/8"L space to screw in (see 5.3). IMPORTANT NOTE: depending on the thickness of the door you may have to stagger the pull location on one side of the door (see).

Three #2 x 1/2"L screws are hidden below drop ring.
Screws are not seen when the drop ring is in the down rest position.
#2 x 1/2"L Screw, needs 3/8" of space to screw into wood.
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RJ630-3" Flush Ring Pull US5 Antq Brass